Seminar “The Revolution in the Insurance Industry”

The seminar “The Indispensable Revolution in the Insurance Industry” will be held on 16 January at AESE in Lisbon, bringing to Lisbon experts on InsurTech and the evolution of the insurance business. The seminar will have two main themes: Digital Transformation Insurance and the New Relationship with Customers.
This seminar, which will take place from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, will cover topics such as digital transformation, its impact on the insurance business, risk analysis, new distribution channels, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Internet of things, wearables, driverless vehicles, connected homes and e-health, to give just a few examples.
The seminar is aimed at top executives with business development responsibilities; responsible for marketing, operations and R & D. Registration is until 9 January.
For more information and registration go to the event page.

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