Legalize Blockchain Conference in Porto on July 24 and 25

The Legalize Blockchain Conference, which explores how the blockchain will change legal relationships in society, will take place on July 24 and 25 in Porto.
Legalize Blockchain is a unique event that will discuss all the legal issues related to blockchain and how these issues will change as blockchain technology becomes more generalized.
The Conference is aimed at lawyers, law professionals, business executives, entrepreneurs and other professionals and enthusiasts of this potential technological, relational, economic and social revolution.
The blockchain is probably the most disruptive technology after the internet , and it can revolutionize the way contracts and transactions are carried out globally by increasing their security through a decentralized mechanism.
Popularly known through bitcoin, the blockchain can cause a major transformation in the legal world and society as we know it. It has already served to develop smart contracts, people authentication systems and documents, and business models never before possible.
At the Conference jurists, executives and entrepreneurs will be able to know how this new world will evolve and what its legal impacts will be.
More details and the program are on the site of the event where the inscriptions are also made. AFIP members who use the “associadoafip” coupon will have a 20% discount.

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