Kickoff of the RegTech Working Group

More than 70 guests representing Banca, Seguros, Fintechs, InsurTechs, Consultants, Regulators and the Academy attended this meeting with the participation of an international speaker, Lisa Rabbe, a specialist in RegTech, who defended that:
“Regulators must also become digital natives. Until they do so, there is a big question mark regarding their own appetite to use regtech, technologies like algorithms, AI & machine learning, blockchain, or smart contracts”
“While compliance solutions are the area of strongest activity by Regtech service providers for their clients, the ability to produce regulatory data analysis for purposes beyond compliance is a higher value-added area of development, using predictive data analytics, behavioral analysis and artificial intelligence tools.”
The RegTech working group will produce and disseminate content related to statistics, regulation, innovation and global best practices, including the local context to support adoption and better decisions. Rising regulatory scenarios and new technologies will foster new business models and innovations that recent promoters and startups will test with significant investments.
The working group is an open group in which all interested parties will participate to discuss, collaborate and promote RegTech.
The coordinators of this group are Luís Alves Dias, Jorge Gamito Pereira, and Ricardo Ribeiro.

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