Andrew Rear of Munich Re in the InsurTech WG

The kick-off of the Working Group on InsurTech will take place on June 19, 2018 at 6 pm on Rua Dom Luis I, nº 28 in Lisbon (VdA).
The InsurTech Working Group of FinTech and InsurTech Portugal aims to follow, discuss and promote the development of InsurTech in Portugal and is open to InsurTech professionals and entrepreneurs, information technology and lawyers with interest in this activity.
The coordinators of this Working Group are Manuel Leiria (Seguradoras Unidas), Bruno Ferreira (PMLJ) e João Paulo Matos (Capgemini).
Andrew Rear is one of the most outstanding thinkers on InsurTech, with a notable career as CEO of financial services and insurance companies. He currently has the executive leadership of Digital Partners of Munich Re, the largest reinsurance group in the world.
Digital Partners is a global joint venture of Munich Re with several disruptive InsurTech .
18:00 | Welcome
18:20 | Openning
Helena Vaz Pinto (VdA)
Pedro Pinto Coelho (AFIP)
18:40 | InsurTech WG Guidelines
Manuel Leiria (United Insurers)
Bruno Ferreira (PLMJ)
João Paulo Matos (Capgemini)
19:00 | Keynote: The state of the art at InsurTech
Andrew Rear (Digital Partners, Munich Re)
19:50 | Debate
All those interested in the development of the insurance industry and the new InsurTech technologies are invited to participate.
To participate and listen to a reference thinker on the future of this activity sign up by email to

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