AFIP meets CMVM to discuss the future of the sector

The AFIP met with the CMVM on Wednesday, November 28.
At the meeting there was an open exchange of views on the situation, challenges and prospects for the development of the FinTech sector in Portugal. There was also great agreement on the importance of the sector and the need to protect its development.
The two institutions presented their projects for the sector and identified areas for cooperation which are fundamentally concerned with the promotion of the sector, consumer safety and the development of national companies.
Communication channels have been established for the future, with a view to speeding up the exchange of information and carrying out joint activities.
AFIP was represented by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Pedro Pinto Coelho and the Directors Luís Miguel Vieira, José Figueiredo and João Machado Mota. The CMVM by Vice-President Dr. Filomena Oliveira and the Director and Deputy Director of DRIM, Dr. Maria João Teixeira and Dr. María Ruiz de Velasco.

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