AFIP partnered with Insurtech Insights

The Insurtech Insights Conference, Europe’s largest insurtech conference, is gathering top leaders and prominent innovators from the insurance technology sector under the same roof to discuss the future and opportunities in the insurance industry. The conference will take place in London the 19-20th June.

Gain exceptional insight in how the development and implementation of technology are shaping the insurance industry of tomorrow including:

More than 200 speakers and 1000 attendees
Learn from the leaders and pioneers within the industry from all over the world to provide you with superior know-how and strategies

Creating networks
Gathering over 1000 like-minded people from all over the world to exchange ideas, have interactive discussions and of course gain invaluable connections. Insurtech Insights conference is the best place to meet your peers and build your network of the future

Representatives for the entire industry
Insurtech Insights conference is inviting representatives from globally established insurers to small tech start-ups to join us for this exclusive opportunity to share knowledge from different parts of the industry

In collaboration with AFIP we offer you to attend at a discounted price. Please use “AFIP30” to get 30% off current lowest price.

We hope to see you in London.

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